GenWare Fine China provides contemporary designs and shapes combined with stunning pure white colour. Products are designed with the tough foodservice environment in mind, with rolled edges on selected lines to improve chip resistance. This range is perfectly suited to banqueting, hotel, restaurant and gastro-pub use, providing an enhanced dining experience.

GenWare Porcelain Tableware offers a great quality range of durable and practical hotelware. The extensive collection covers multiple plate, bowl and beverage lines, with complementary service items to make your place setting complete. The range is fully vitrified and conforms to BS4034. The products are designed to withstand the tough foodservice environment with rolled edges and rims to improve edge chip resistance. Royal Genware Porcelain Tableware is suitable for most hotel, restaurant and foodservice applications.

 GenWare Stoneware provides a striking range of attractive plates, bowls and dishes that balance durability, style and a distinct contract to traditional white tableware. The products are made from stoneware and boast an overall strength of body and chip resistance similar to porcelain. Royal GenWare Stoneware is ideal for presenting a range of food themes including Asian, Asian fusion, Mediterranean and South American style cuisine.            

GenWare Glass Tableware boasts a collection of contemporary glass tableware with plates, bowls and an array of dishes included among the items available. 

GenWare Professional Chef Clothing comprises a great range of chef clothing, with durable, comfortable jackets, offering great value and performance. Jackets, trousers and aprons are made in the optimum polycotton mix for ease of laundering and wear resistance. They incorporate many useful features which improve wearability and longevity. Genwear also has a range of professional chef footwear, perfect for the modern chef.

GenWare Professional Catering Products encompass a wide variety of essential products used by catering professionals. Genware's range of quality, durable kitchenware and cookware includes everything from utensils to stockpots, while our range of storage and safety equipment service a variety of needs throughout the back of house for restaurants, hotels, pubs and other dining establishments.